You, Your Family, and Your Care Providers
All Coordinated in Your Care




OnePlace is Canada's premiere online service for connecting healthcare professionals, patients and families.

We put you, your family and all of your care professionals on the same page with respect to your health and well-being.

With OnePlace, you can create your personal Circle of Care that identifies all of your care providers and the family members who are supporting your well-being.   Members in your Circle can communicate with one another by sending secure messages, faxes and sharing files.   With OnePlace your security and the protection of your privacy are always assured.

If you are supporting the care of an aging parent or your child, you can use OnePlace on behalf of your loved one.

Whether you use OnePlace for your benefit or for another, OnePlace promotes coordination and collaboration between all of the parties who are providing care.  When everyone is on the same page with respect to your care, you will enjoy improved health outcomes and increased wellness.




We envision a simple, secure health platform that connects patients, their families and the full spectrum of care providers from both the public and private health systems.  We know that such a platform will prompt improved coordination of care and enhanced collaboration, and so will drive better health outcomes and relieve the burdens caused by our disconnected health systems.


Our mission is to apply modern technologies in an effective and responsible way, and so make our Vision a reality.


1.  People are the most important part of the health equation.   When patients, family members, and providers come together, then we create improved health outcomes and sustained wellness.

2.  The security of personal health information and the protection of personal privacy is paramount.

3.  Our healthcare systems will benefit when people and technology are thoughtfully applied to promote coordination of care and collaborative decision making that includes the appropriate parties in the Circle of Care.

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Important Questions.   Straightforward Answers.

What is my Circle of Care? 

Your Circle includes all of the people who have a role in promoting your health and well-being.  Individuals who might be in your Circle of Care include:

  • Medical providers like your family physician, specialist physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, dentists, and mental health professionals.

  • Other professional caregivers like homecare or long-term care service providers, licensed practical nurses, personal trainers, massage therapists, and dieticians.

  • Spouses, children, parents, trusted friends etc.

Who determines who is in my Circle of Care?

You do.   Or if you're a senior who doesn't use computers or a minor, your agent does.

  • You are the most able to accurately identify the care providers, caregivers and the family members that make-up your Circle of Care.

  • In some circumstances, a family member may be in a better position to identify the Circle of Care for their aging parent or for their child.

Once I have identified my Circle of Care, then what?

You and your Circle can then collaborate and coordinate.

When everybody who has a role in supporting your health and wellness is on the same page - literally - then care decisions are more fully informed, health outcomes are improved and the health system will benefit, too. 



Communicate Safely with Colleagues, Patients and Their Families.

  • OnePlace is much more secure than email or fax, meets all legal and regulatory requirements for the management of health information, and is more efficient than phone or in-person communications


  • OnePlace works with any electronic device.   No complex technologies.  Just simple utility from day-one.


  • Improve coordination and collaboration between the full spectrum of care providers and be inclusive of patients and their family members.

  • Use our PDF templates or create your own to customize how you use OnePlace and to integrate with your current business practices.



OnePlace lets you communicate with your customers and their family members from any electronic device in a secure way.   Email is not secure.

Share any type of information, including schedules, appointment confirmations, special care requests, billing information, care plans, prescription lists – anything at all.

OnePlace also has a secure messaging service built in, so providers and customers can send and receive messages in a secure environment with privacy assured for all parties.


Assuring Your Privacy and Security


Nothing is more important than protecting the privacy and security of your health information.

OnePlace uses the most advanced technologies to make sure that all your health information is always protected and safe.

Only you control your Circle of Care and who can see your health information, and you can change who can see your information at any time.

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